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Syed Ali

Syed Ali was born in Dubai, UAE, a reality that resulted in his first encounter with the inequalities embedded in state systems. The difficult realities of non-citizen status his family would face head-on and the realization of persistent elite mentalities of statehood systems placed a fire of social justice underneath him. Throughout the course of his first 3 years in college he worked for a nonprofit social justice and interfaith organization, in which he’s helped organize and facilitate weekly programs on topics including—the refugee crisis, immigration, California homelessness, sustainable energy, financial security, as well as an array of other public policy areas and community building. In addition, Syed worked for local and state government in various capacities, most recently interning for the 3rd Senate District through which he conducted research on Senate Bill 33 that has since gone into effect, allowing California courts to invalidate arbitration in cases where consumers allege financial institutions have committed fraud. When he isn’t busy endlessly editing his Thesis and re-reading Kierkegaard’s work for inspiration and perspective, he enjoys cooking and trying cuisines of the world. Currently, he’s undergoing a year-long and calorie-abundant spiritual journey of perfecting his own signature fried chicken recipe."