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South Asia Summer Internship Grants

Stanford’s Center for South Asia offers a number of Summer Internship Grants in collaboration with Stanford Global Internships Program (GSIP).

South Asia Summer Internship Grant is open to all undergraduate, co-term students and Master's students. Applicants may receive up to $6,000 toward an 8-week internship in South Asia. Priority will be given to Global Studies minors. Applicants may self-arrange positions or apply for existing positions in South Asian locations. Continuing Stanford undergraduates and co-terms are encouraged to apply for existing opportunities via GSIP application portal or propose self-arranged positions.

Previous internship projects included Forbes Marshall, Waste Pickers Collective (KPKP), Akanksha, and Shelter Associates. Students are also encouraged to arrange 8-week positions with non-profit organizations particularly in the areas of education, women’s issues, public health, or environmental sustainability. 

Available Internships for Summer 2019 

 Application deadline is February 5, 2020. Further inquiries shall be addressed to Denise Chu (GSIP Progam Manager) at with cc to