Photo taken by Byron Gray (India 2020) depicting an eastern cattle egret perched on a log in front of coloful fishing boats on water.

Photo Credit: Byron Gray (Cattle egret in fishing village of Gorai - Mumbai, India 2020)

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Lalita du Perron talks to Ana Cristina Lopes about her work on transnational Tibetan Buddhism, her book Tibetan Buddhism in Diaspora, and her new work on the 84,000 project, whose mission is to translate all of the Buddha’s words…
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Caravan magazine has won the 2023 Shorenstein Journalism Award, sponsored by Stanford University’s Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, for its “steadfast coverage that champions accountability and media independence in the face of India’s…
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Anuradha Bhasin writes about Press freedom in Kashmir in the Indian news and current affairs magazine The Wire, 
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Center for South Asia core faculty Sharika Thiranagama (Anthropology) will be a Plenary speaker at the Annual Conference on South Asia, held  at the University of Wisconsin-Madison from October 18-21, 2023. 

Mark Walsh with Gallup Pakistan, a research organization, and a local guide

Mark Walsh was in Pakistan planning to study how transaction fees and peer influence affected people’s decision to join one of the country’s two major mobile banking platforms when he noticed something interesting: the factors that went into a…