Photo taken by Byron Gray (India 2020) depicting an eastern cattle egret perched on a log in front of coloful fishing boats on water.

Photo Credit: Byron Gray (Cattle egret in fishing village of Gorai - Mumbai, India 2020)

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Shubhangni Gupta talks about her study of heritage and the havelis in Shekhawati, Rajasthan, and her experience of doing fieldwork in a place that is home - and also not home. Follow Shubhangni and her fieldwork notes on Instagram @shubhangnigupta.

Karmini | Credit: Anwyn Hurxthal

A postdoctoral fellow recounts her journey tying economic policy to social change.
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Lalita du Perron talks to Eduardo Acosta (Mellon Fellow at Stanford History) about his PhD from the University of Chicago, the colonial preoccupation to control rivers, climate change, and how time is in fact a cultural construct.
As Directors of the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies and the Center for South Asia, we, Ali Yaycioglu and Anna Bigelow, condemn violence against students in light of the hate crime reported against an Arab Muslim student that occurred on…

Karthick Ram Manoharan, Assiatant Professor of Social Sciences at the National Law School of India University.

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Lalita du Perron welcomes Karthick Ram Manoharan to discuss his latest book Periyar: a study in political atheism (Orient Black Swan, 2022) and his new research while a visiting fellow at the Stanford Humanities Center. Apologies for occasional…