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Exclusive Interview with Nandita Das

Mar 5 2019

We chatted with Nandita Das, an Indian actor and director who has appeared in more than 40 feature films, about the making of her newest film, Manto, and how Saadat Hasan Manto's writings may shed light to our times. Please enjoy a snippet below and click here for the full interview.

You once said, “by speaking about Manto, I have found an opportunity to respond to what’s happening today.” Can you elaborate on this statement?
In the face of all the friction and disharmony surrounding us, and conversations becoming increasingly polarized, I thought I could take refuge in history and in Manto. It allowed me to not be didactic and yet conveyed what I want to say as there is a deep resonance between Manto’s struggle to be himself and our own desires to find our true selves. The times are not too different either, even after 70 years. We have much to learn from Manto’s convictions and courage.