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Vineet Gupta: One Box, Two Box, Red Box, Blue Box

Floral background, white text "One box, two box, red box, blue box"
May 30, 2019 - 8:00pm to June 2, 2019 - 9:00pm
Nitery Theater, 514 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

Free and Open to the Public, RSVP here. 

ONE BOX, TWO BOX, RED BOX, BLUE BOX a.k.a. The Imperceptible Forces of a National World

We are constantly performing; we are different faces of ourselves in every space, every community. What happens when you stretch these performances across borders? How do we make sense of ourselves in a nation-driven border-driven world when our world, our worldviews, are defined by people living on the other side of the world?

What happens when the worlds we have safely kept far apart across national borders, suddenly interact?

Welcome to "One Box, Two Box, Red Box, Blue Box," a solo show about how boxes define us and are completely ridiculous. My name is Vineet, I grew up in Beijing and Dubai, but am a citizen of India. When I got here at Stanford University, I already had an American accent (a strange one, but American nonetheless). How did I grow up in two major blooming cities in the world, yet still feel that the U.S. was inevitable?

And what do I do moving forward, now that I am close to graduating? Do I stay, do I leave, and if I leave . . . where do I go? More importantly, how do I go? Can the theater ~finally~ answer some practical life questions?

This show is a meditation on the borders in my life, a love letter to the theater, a goodbye to Stanford, and an aesthetically wild trepidatious assertion that the West is not the only place that is possible.



Thursday, May 30 at 8 pm
Saturday, June 1 at 8 pm 
Sunday, June 2 at 7 pm

Content Warnings: Vulnerability; discussions of colonial violence. Also purple flowers and spaceships. You will be gently invited to participate.

Run Time: ~60 minutes

Questions or Accessibility Concerns? Email Vineet Gupta, at

Event co-sponsored by the Center for South Asia and the Nitery Experimental Theater.
Graphic Design by Katherine Z. Liu.

Contact Email: