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Guards at the Taj

Image description: Four gray stone hands, with marble-like cracks and veins on the skin, are extended diagonally across the page. Two are reaching upwards from the bottom right corner and two are reaching downwards from the top left corner, all towards the center of the page. The fingertips of the two hands in the center are touching. Background: a white disk with a repeating floral pattern on a light tan background.
May 9, 2019 - 8:00pm to May 11, 2019 - 9:00pm
Nitery Theater, 514 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA

Humayun and Babur, best friends and guards in Hindustani ruler Shah Jahan’s Imperial Army, watch from their post as the sun rises for the first time on the newly-completed Taj Mahal — an event that shakes their respective worlds. Humayun, sternly loyal second generation civil servant, is content to follow orders, even when the Emperor, determined that nothing more beautiful than the Taj Mahal should ever be built again, has the guards carry out an unthinkably horrible task. But sensitive Babur, an imaginative inventor, can only come to terms with the destruction of beauty if he exacts his own powerful vengeance. In the aftermath, both men are forced to question the concepts of beauty and power, duty and resistance, and friendship and love, as their relationship is tested and irrevocably changed by the choices they made on that one fateful night.


Graphic design by Nibha Akireddy.

Event Sponsor: 
The Asian American Theater Project
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