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Urdu Literature and Bombay Cinema (GLOBAL 210)


What are some of the major themes that drive modern Urdu literature as well as the ¿Muslim Social¿ genre of Bombay Cinema? How can we place these cultural texts within their historical context? Urdu literature and Bombay Cinema provide compelling windows into the crisis of modernity both within South Asia and Muslim societies. In this seminar, we will start with a discussion on the emergence of print culture and its impact on the world of Urdu poetry and an exploration of the work of reformers who viewed Urdu as ¿the language of secular Islam.¿ Next we will engage with the anticolonial Progressive Writers Movement as well as the trauma of Partition and its reflection in literature and film. The course will conclude with a discussion of the contemporary Indian nostalgia for a cosmopolitan Indo-Muslim past. Through projects and presentations, students will hone their written and oral communication skills. They will also practice approaching works of art and literature with a critical lens. Ultimately this course will provide students with a better understanding of the society, literary and film of Muslim South Asia. Literary cultures of Muslim South Asia are not a fixed and unchanging, but rather a set of representations that are constantly shifting and adapting to reflect the context of society.

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