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Civility at the Limits of the Political: India, Europe and the Spirit

March 16, 2011 - 3:00pm



Stanford Humanities Center



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  • Stanford Humanities Center

The Event

A workshop sponsored by The Center for South Asia and The Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies. This event is part of the Modern Argument Series.

The workshop on Civility at the Limit of the Political is the first of three in an international series of conversations that will be organized at Stanford University over the next four years. The workshop explores the conceptual lives and afterlives of anticolonial thought as empire becomes increasingly dense in its power and progressively elusive in its meanings. What spirit of the political might the anticolonial inheritance impart to ideals of humanity and equality now? How is the insurrectionary and sacrificial inheritance of anticolonialism to be reconciled with the norms and demands of postcolonial civility? Is anticolonialism merely an anachronistic remnant of a dead politics, a conceptual and monumental dead-end? Or are there insurgent lessons to be learnt from that democratic and global inheritance; lessons that might illuminate the pasts and futures not merely of India and Europe but of universal history itself? Aishwary Kumar and Parna Sengupta bring together twelve speakers from India, Europe, and the United States this spring at the Stanford Humanities Center to explore these questions. Read more about this event...

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